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1928 on May. It was an Arita ware making retail trade as business name 『KINEIDOU』 Where Arita city 1137 establishment.
1940 on May. It was changed a business name.A joint-stock company called 『SANPOUDOU THE HEAD OFFICE』.
1941 on Jul. The head office was moved to TOKYO.Because direct marketing began for Japanese style hotel of all parts of the country. (at Tokyoto suginamiku nisiogikubo)
1954 on May. The head office was moved to Saga prefecture Arita 2-1-1.
1983 on Sep. We finished a delivery center at Saga prefecture Arita Izumiyama 2-10-17.
1989 on Dec. It is retail store completion in Saga prefecture Arita Izumiyama 2-10-17.
1991 0n Mar. We did original plan development of food service industry OEM product and we've started by a direct import and direct sale in Taiwan.
1996 on Aug. Export Corporation of marble.wooden goods.porcelain. We established 『TAIWAN EXCELLENCE』 joint management.
1997 on May. 『Super ceramic』 which is new reinforcement porcelain material(a registered trademark)development completion.
1999 on Jul. Exporter corporation of pottery.we established 『CHINA EXCELLENCE』 joint management.
2002 on May We've started import of galley miscellaneous goods and ceramics sale companies
It changed a business name into 『EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION』
2004 on Mar We completed a showroom in Shanghai then We've begun to start selling in the country in China.
2007 on Apr. We completed EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION a retail store 『SANPOUDOU THE HEAD OFFICE』in Saga prefecture Arita Odaru 2-1-1.
Adress: The head office
2-1-1 Odaru Aritamati Saga Japan
Delivery center
2-10-17 Izumiyama Aritamati Saga Japan
TEL: (81)-955-42-5669
FAX: (81)-955-42-4590
Access Map
The head office
Delivery center
Odaru2-1-1 Arita-machi,Saga 844-0001,Japan
Phone:(81)-955-42-5669  FAX:(81)-955-42-4590
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