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About:Ornamental and antique Japanese art.
About:Overseas production of ceramics for business use.
About:New material development
About:Whole kitchen things for food service industry.
Aritayaki is the birth place of ceramics in Japan.
Aritayaki is a different ceramic properties from other district.
During the past 400 years, we have produced countless ceramic gems in the traditional style of Arita-yaki ceramics.
Aritayaki is highly regarded for its unique level of quality and durability.
Our ceramics'resistance to breakage is a big reason why our products have been a mainstay at major hotels and Japanese style inns since 1900 and why at present, we are one of the top suppliers of tableware to businesses across Japan.
Ornamental and antique Japanese art.  
The Aritayaki design is derived from three styles.
KAKI-EMON:had a great influence on German ceramics,IRO-NABE-SHIMA:Japan imperial family tribute goods, and OLD IMARI :splendid design,elegant are loved by people around the world.
At our Arita showroom,we have a proud collection of over 100 objects of antique Japanese art that has been produced by some of Japan’s most renowned ceramists.
We also have hundreds of ceramics from the Arita-yaki contributions to both the French and Vienna Ceramics Expos of the late 1800s.
Overseas production of ceramics for business use.
China is the birth place of ceramics where supplied for a long time However the quality was not so good, so most companies fluctuated over and over again,our company started production in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand since 1989 .
We began investment in short term, low cost, mass production kitchen ceramics by establishing a joint corporation at Guanton in China in 2001 where we focus on Original Equipment Manufacturing of licensed and logo designed products.
An allied factory with 4 companies now .
Working in cooperation with producers throughout China we can ensure that strict quality and design controls are met at every step of the manufacturing process.
We promise that we can exactly help for a big hotel, Japanese-style hotel and food service industry as welll.
New material development
『Super ceramic』
We have continued to be a leading innovator in the field of ceramics.
The result is our ability to make ceramics that are 3 times stronger and lighter than conventional porcelain and also 1.9 times stronger than conventional super ceramics.
We've been promoting our innovative products to hospitals, school lunch programs, hotels, and the food service industry since the year 2000.

『Heat-resistant ceramics』
Another development that we are proud to present is our new line of heat-resistant ceramics for which production began in 2010.
The Japanese industrial standard for heat resistance is set at 150 degrees.
However, our heat resistant ceramics are able to withstand temperatures of 180 degrees. Furthermore, they offer many benefits for those who use them − especially for those who employ strict hygienic standards.
Heat-resistant ceramics allow for high temperature washing without fear of causing damage, easier removal of caked on food, and increased protection against food penetrating the ceramic material.
Whole Kitchen things for food service industry
We established the joint corporations that treat only specialty goods at Guanton in China in 2002.
We are able to supply Japan with over 80 types of kitchen goods such as kitchen timers, counter cloths, stationery, and garbage bags.
This variety allows us to be flexible with our shipping, as it is possible to send ceramics together with many different types of products in a single shipping container.
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